A beer made with GRITS?

I was born and raised in SC and although I now live in Texas my South Carolina roots run deep. Grits is an iconic southern breakfast that people in the south enjoy on a regular basis. 

From eating them by adding butter, or going all out and putting cheese and shrimp in the grits there are many ways this southern staple can be prepared to please just about anyone.

I thought I had tried beer in just about every format possible until I heard about a beer made from grits! Really a beer made from grits? You know I had to try this. Revelry Brewing Company (Charleston, SC) now makes a Gullah Cream Ale and uses Geechie Boy grits (Edisto Island) in the brewing of the beer.

My first thought was, would beer made from grits be any good? Would it taste like grits? There is only one way to find out. I traveled to the Charleston area and located a couple of cans of the Gullah Cream Ale to try for myself.

I got them nice and cold and then poured it up. The beer has a very refreshing and had a creamy taste. I don’t think I’d be able to tell that grits were used in the making of the beer, as it doesn’t taste like grits, but the creamy flavor of the beer is derived from the use of grits in the brewing process.

I enjoyed the Gullah Cream out that was poured out of the can and I heard that the tap version is even better. Guess where I need to stop next time I’m in Charleston. 

Now I want to know do you love grits and would you try a beer made from grits? 

Watch my video when I taste test this unique beer: https://youtu.be/x3S6udB2zAs

Learn more about the Gullah Cream Ale by visiting Revelry Brewing Company.

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