A Tailgating Fanny Pack

Back when I was a kid in the 1980’s fanny packs were a big deal. I remember my mom getting me a NEON green fanny pack when we went on vacation that I got to wear to keep my essentials ie: toys, tissues, sunglasses etc. in. I loved that thing, but like many fads these iconic fanny packs fell out of style.

Fast forward to 2017 and fanny packs are trying to make a come back! Heck I even saw a “Dad Bod” Fanny pack that you could get to make you look like you are halfway fat….still don’t get the dad bod craze, but to each their own.

A company: The Mini Belt reached out to me and asked me to sport their rendition of the fanny pack. While it doesn’t have a large pouch waiting to hold your tailgating essentials it does hold one tailgating item and it holds it well…Mini Bottles.

The Mini Belt holds 4 mini bottles, so you can easily bring them just about anywhere in a discrete fashion.

My question would you rock THE MINI BELT?

See the Mini Belt here in our video:


Learn more check their website out:


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