Beer Tour of Canada

I sampled La Fin Du Monde, Labatts, Moosehead and Molsen Golden:

The “La Fin” had the highest alcohol content and, as such, more body. In sampling the La Fin, it had the most flavor that pleased my palate during the flight.

The Labatts would be my recomendation for a good beer to take tailgating as it has a smooth, refreshing flavor that will allow you to have multiple drinks over the course of the day. the La Fin would be a good sipper where you have 1-2, but not something that I could drink all day tailgating before the big game.

The Molsen Golden continued to grow on me after the video review. I finsihed the sample and I’d also recommend this one for a good tailgating brew.

The Moosehead, while I drank it all and didn’t waste any, was not my favorite and a beer that I label as one and done.

Cheers to all of our Canadian fans and remember to always drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive.

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