Homemade Pickle Beer

I love pickles and of course I love some good beer. It makes sense to bring together both pickles and beer to create a delicious beer. There are a few breweries who have brewed some excellent pickle beer in the past with my favorite being from Martin House Brewing and their Best Maid Pickle Beer. The trouble is you can’t find pickle beer everywhere, so in this tailgating tip we show you a beer hack to help anyone, easily make pickle beer at home.

When making your homemade pickle beer you need the following:



-pickle juice

-a light beer

You can prepare your homemade pickle beer in a glass, or in the bottle. When preparing in the bottle you’ll need to first take a big gulp of the beer out, then pour some pickle juice and add salt (to taste). Finally, you’ll slide a pickle spear into the bottle to complete the process.

When preparing a glass you can get a little fancier by salting the rim and adding a slice of pickle on the side of the glass. You would include the same salt and pickle juice in the glass to complete your craft beer creation.

The added sodium from the pickle and the table salt will increase the foam, or head of the beer when you pour it. Just pace your pouring so you don’t have a foam over and lose some of the beer.

I tried these a few ways to determine that the above is the best tasting version of this new classic homemade pickle beer recipe. The salt and pickle juice really bring the flavor together and quickly turn a basic beer into a craft beer that will have your guests giving you a high five.

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Written by: Luke Lorick 7/26/20

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