How To Pour A Perfect Beer

I was tired of leaning the glass 45 degrees and still getting more ‘head’ than beer in many of my pours. I decided to learn how to pour a perfect beer. Now it’s time to share this beer pouring trick with our awesome fans.

A proper beer pour has some foamy head on the top, but there are many times where the way the beer is poured creates far more head than any pint glass should have. I’ve tried pouring slowly, at 45 degree angles, you name it. These tips work most of the time, but there are some beers that seem to be filled with head that just won’t pour the way I hope.

Let’s Get To Pouring That Perfect Beer

This beer trick works with bottle beers, we will work on a canned beer hack in the future. Here is how to pour a perfect beer and it is so simple everyone can get it right on the first try.

-Pop the top off the bottle of beer

-Put a pint glass on top of the upright beer

-Flip the beer and pint glass with the mouth of the beer positioned at the bottom of the pint glass

-Start to slowly pull the beer bottle straight up, slowly does it

As the beer pours out you are slowly raising the bottle until you get to the top of the glass. Until you get to the end there should be no foamy head. The foam is still there and once the beer is out the beer foam comes out to make the perfect pour with some light white beer bubbles placed perfectly on top of your beer.

how to pour a perfect beer


We had multiple people try this beer pouring trick and they were all successful the first time. This is a super simple way to pour the perfect beer. Now get out there and get to pouring!

Thanks for reading our blog on How To Pour A Perfect Beer. Let us know how your pours go and if you have any beer tricks we need to try. Until then check out our video below showing you how to pour that beer.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 3/4/21

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