Pint Glass Man Review

We love cold beer and thought we had found just about every way to keep our beer ice cold. As I got into drinking craft beer more I started drinking from pint glasses to see the color and smell the beer more. When you drink from a glass you don’t use a koozie, right? Not so fast my friends, the Pint Glass Man goes around your pint glass to keep your beer 14 times colder than a pint glass alone.

When I sit out on my back deck and pour an ice cold pint I can see the ‘sweat’ start to form on the glass on these warm summer days. Worse, as I drink the beer I can tell it’s not as cold as it was when I first poured it. There is something about that first sip of ice cold beer when it hits your lips.  I savor that first sip and would love if every sip tasted just as cold as the first. Enter Pint Glass Man the stainless steel koozie for your pint glass.

When I first heard about this product I was skeptical. Would it work, will it be too heavy to consistently use and how will if feel in my hand. I always like to enter into every review thinking of the things I think will be both good and things that could be challenges, so I can learn about them and share with our fans. As you all know I never get paid to do a review, so unlike some, I can keep it real, which is what you all deserve.

The biggest claim is that this will keep beer colder, so to test this out I got out two identical pint glasses. I filled each with 12 ounces of beer that both came out of the same fridge. I left one pint glass on the counter and the other I slid into the Pint Glass Man. I put them side by side, so everything remains consistent, except for the one with the pint glass koozie on it.

Lets check out some of the results.

Starting temperature for both pint glasses = 43 degrees. 

After 15 minutes:  Pint Glass Man is still at 43 degrees. The pint glass only is up to 47 degrees.

After 30 minutes: Pint Glass Man is up to 44 degrees. The pint glass only is up to 52 degrees.

After 45 minutes: Pint Glass man is still at 44 degrees. The pint glass only is now up to 57 degrees. 

After 60 minutes: Pint Glass man is up to 45 degrees. The pint glass only is up to 60 degrees. 

I was shocked especially in looking at the first 30 minutes, as that would be a time that most would have completed a pint of beer. This means that the beer is staying within 1 degree of what it was when you poured it. I was pretty amazed and stoked at the results.

The Pint Glass Man has a rubberized grip at the top that feels secure in your hands. It also has a non-skid bottom plate. To use the Pint Glass Man you can either insert the pint glass into the Pint Glass Man and give it a little push at the end to secure it, or pour your beer and then put it in. I was worried that it may slip out when you drink from it, but that has never happened during any of my tests. If you turn it upside down it will fall out, but if you’re doing as designed and drinking your beer it will work out perfectly.

There is only one piece of feedback that I learned regarding the Pint Glass Man and that is denting. It got knocked off the table and hit the ground from about three feet high and it dented the pint glass koozie. It did protect the pint glass from breaking though, so that is an added benefit. You can see in the video I dropped the Pint Glass Man one time and it also created a small dent. Even with the dents it still works as designed, but sharing as that is the one area that could be improved upon.

Overall, this product is Tailgating Challenge approved and I will be using this during those warm summer months on my back deck to keep the last sip of my beer as cold as the first.

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We never get paid for reviews, which is why you can trust us to keep it real. We were sent two samples to test out with the intent of getting our honest feedback.

Written by: Luke Lorick 8/1/20

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