Shock Collar Question Game

How well do you know your partner? I bet you feel pretty confident that you know basic questions about your partner, if asked. Would you feel the same way if you had a shock collar around your neck and each time you got the question wrong you got shocked? May we introduce to you the Shock Collar Question Game!

We saw a hilarious video from one of our favorite comedians Ginger Billy who gave us the idea for this fun game. Last night Sketchy invited his girlfriend of six months over and I CHALLENGED them to the Shock Collar Question Game. We called the edition: Make It Or Break It, as a game like this could bring you closer together, or break the relationship up. We had the ladies come up with a set of questions to ask the couple and then the guys at the party came up with additional questions to ask in this Make It Or Break It Challenge.

Questions that are common to use in this game:

When is your partners birthday?

What is their favorite color? 

Where was your first date? 

How many siblings does your partner have? 

When is your anniversary?

The list can go on and on. You can make the questions very elementary, or get deeper into the relationship. Every time your partner gets the answer wrong they get shocked and then the intensity of the shock collar is turned up. Sketchy was open to the challenge and everyone at the party gathered around to watch how this turned out. Sketchy actually did better than we thought he would, but still got a few good jolts on questions that he missed.

Being the Sketchy guy that he is he faked a proposal at the end of the challenge and of course that didn’t go over well (Watch the end of the video). He had done so well up until the end, but then made mistake of getting down on one knee in jest. He will pay for that for some time, but then again these are the reasons he has earned the name sketchy.

This game can make or break a relationship and it will add a whole new level of fun to your next party. Take a look at the video below and let us know if you and your partner would give this game a try?  If you do please share the video with us.

Comment below what questions we should do in the next round?

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Written by: Luke Lorick 1/18/20

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