SMU vs Baylor Tailgate 9/4/15

We attended the SMU vs Baylor tailgating event on Friday. This was the first game of the season for both teams. SMU had a ‘white out’ plan for their fans to come in white attire.  We located a pay lot and set up shop. Some of our goodies that people drooled over included:

The Cruzin Cooler: Had quite a few friends test drive this out and LOVED it.  EVERYONE was asking where to get one, what it was and so on. There was at least one Cruzin Cooler vs Golf Cart race during the tailgate:)

The Traveling Breeze Cooling Chair. Yesterday it was HOT. Heat index around 100. Having a chair with built in fans was a fan favorite to come by and get some cool air blown on them. Yes this thing works!

The Kool Max Cooler: This may have been may favorite. Earlier in the day the microphone I ordered came in. Did I mention this cooler has 350 sound system and is also a PA system (meaning I could allow the world to know my thoughts on all thing tailgating) We listened to music the first half of the tailgate and the second half we plugged in the mic to help get the fans pumped up and have some laughs along the way. This cooler also serves it function as it held a 30 pack of cold beverages, bottle of champagne, 6 bottles of water and food.

The EZ Hitch Tailgate Table was great as it has an added umbrella that really stands out and allowed all of our friends who Ubered in to find us quickly.

The tailgating was a blast and the fans were all super friendlly on both the SMU and Baylor side. We attended the game and it was a nail biter in the first half.  The SMU stadium rocks in the fact that they sell beer and they allow you leave at halftime and come back into the stadium. Baylor rolled in the second half and we called it a night after.

Shout out to Baylor and SMU fans at the game!

Until the next tailgate. Remember don’t HATE just Tailgate!

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The pic below shows off some of the products but the Cruzin Cooler was so popular it was hard to keep it around the tailgate!

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