South Carolina vs Liberty Tailgating recap

Showed up for opening day for the South Carolina Gamecocks baseball team and of course had to get there a few hours before first pitch to enjoy the tailgating festivities.  It was a beautiful day for baseball with highs nearing 70 degrees and plenty of sunshine to go around.  The first pitch is at 3pm and we show up a little afternoon 12. There were already a sprinkling of other vehicles around when we pulled in.  Little did we know that this game was a sellout and tickets were going to be HARD to find for 6 people!

We parked in an open field next to a China Buffett and a gas station. Parking in walking distance of a gas station is an obvious tailgating win, since you can get any drinks or snacks you may need throughout the day.  The gas station came in handy for some other fun, more on that later.

We conclude the normal tailgating festivities and as 3pm approached figured we could walk up to the stadium and find some last minute tickets.  We were wrong! There were many people looking for tickets but very few selling them.  After determining that we would not be able to get 6 tickets we headed back to the tailgate and decided to roll our ticket money into buying some scratch off tickets.  This is where a gas station comes in handy yet again.  We send 2 of our tailgaters to the gas station with some funds to buy some lottery tickets with the intention that if we won we would all split it.  Well we got a handful of tickets and won a few dollars the first time, went back cashed those in for more, won a few dollars, went back for more, etc.  You can get the picture.  We did not win any large money on this day, most we won on a ticket was $7, but man it was fun to listen to the game, drink an adult beverage, and have the chance to win in it big all with your best friends.

All in all a fun and slightly different tailgating experience.  If you are ever in Columbia on opening day….get your tickets in advance and I don’t mean lottery.

Until next time happy tailgating to all!!

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