Tailgating with Kids

Many of us have children that we want to tailgating and to enjoy the expereince with us on gameday. We want to share with you how we successfully accomplish tailgating at football/baseball games for extended periods of time. College Football games are Our Family Fun time, if you are prepared you can absolutely have a blast too!


#1 Always get them in bed at least a half hour early! We don’t want Cranky wake ups.


#2 the night before make sure all electronics are charged, and the car is Packed! (Leave room for the children)


#3 do not forget a football, baseball, CORNHOLE, some kind of activity, also plenty of food, snacks, drinks, kids are more likely to eat and drink twice what they do at home, so stock up!


#4 establish a group to meet up with,with children, if you do not have a season parking pass, get there early to find good parking, or ask friends that have children the same age as yours if you can join them. The best way to keep your children happy is to have others around for them to play with!


#5 make a kit with any and everything you may need. My kit has a first aid kit, tape, scissors, coloring books and crayons, sharpies and paper for autographs, safety pins, a change of clothes for everyone, snacks. It’s important to stay prepared with kids, but especially when you are at a crowded event and a camera.


#6 A pillow and blankets. We tailgate for 6-12 hours and our youngest doesn’t make it the whole day or night sometimes, so he just grabs his pillow and blanket and curls up in a chair or the back of our SUV.


#7 be willing to explore with your kids, if your not tailgating with a big group, my suggestion is before you pull everything out, take your kiddos for a walk, let them check everything out. They are more inclined to behave if you have made the first 30 mins to an hour about them and what they want to do.


#8 ALWAYS BRING TOILET PAPER, porta potties at a stadium full of drunk people can get really gross, and run out of toilet paper really fast so TP is essential.


#9. If your child has no interest in the team/sport/outdoors, it may be best to find them a sitter. Tailgating can be great family fun, but it’s all about outdoors, sports, food, and fun. If your child isn’t interested in that, then you and your child will be interested!


#10. Include your children in the prep and follow through. Let them help you pack the car, set up your spot, prepare/cook the food. They will be so proud of what they did they will stay excited the whole time. Have a great time and enjoy you Family Fun!

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