Top Homegating Products 2023

We founded National Homegating Day in 2019 to celebrate our love of tailgating at home. Each year we show off our favorite products that we have tested that are sure to increase your homegating experience. Below, in no particular order, are the top homegating products for 2023, enjoy.

Here is our new video showcasing all the top homegating items. Below that are videos with more information on each awarded item.

2023 National Homegating Day Video

Quaffer Shot Glasses

Sure you’ve taken a shot but have you ever taken a magical shot? You can now with the Quaffer Shot Glasses. These shot glasses use science to allow the alcohol to sit on top of the mixer. You can create some unique experiences for your next homegating party with these Quaffer Shot Glasses.

Learn more and get your own by visiting QUAFFTER SHOT GLASSES.

Quaffer Shot Glasses Video Review

Nero Fire Table

Having a fire pit night is epic, but if you want all of the ambience, without the smoke, may we suggest the Nero Fire Table from Terraflame. This table uses 3 canisters of fire gel that gives you the feel and crackle of fire, without any smoke.

Learn more and get your own by visiting TERRAFLAME.

Nero Fire Table Review Video

Pop A Shot: Pop Up Game

What’s a good homegating party without a game? One of our favorite games we have tested is the Pop A Shot: Pop Up Game that allows you to transport the game from the tailgate to the homegating party. See if you can become a member of the Century Club by eclipsing 100 points in a round.

Learn more and get your own at POP A SHOT.

Pop Up Game Review Video

TV Shield

Watching the big game outside can be therapeutic. You don’t have to spend big bucks on the expensive all-weather TV’s, just get a TV Shield. The TV Shield protects any TV from the weather elements. Ours has protected from numerous snow storms here in Colorado.

Get your own by visiting TV SHIELD.

TV Shield Review Video


Meet the PourCaddy it will allow you to keep your adult spirits chilled and pour them with no spill! When you pour from a normal bottle there can be a small ‘dribble’ of lost nectar of the gods. In addition to the no spill spout, it has a secret compartment that stores shot glasses. It also has the ability to add a logo of your choice.

Learn more and get your own at POURCADDY.

PourCaddy Review Video

NFL Pool Balls

Pool is one of the iconic games you play at home. Until now all pool balls were the same, but it’s time for a change. The team at Mancave Gamez has added your favorite NFL team to the pool balls. What team would you pick?

Learn about these and more homegating gear at MANCAVE GAMEZ.

NFL Pool Balls Video

NewAir Beer Fridge

A beer fridge will save space for food in your normal fridge. We’ve tested multiple NewAir Beer Fridges and their latest fridge is a collaboration with Stone Brewing. This fridge can hold over 100 beers, has removable shelves, an interior light and iconic Stone Brewing styling on the outer panels.

Get your own beer fridge at NEWAIR.

Newair Stone Beer Fridge Review


When the sun goes down the party should never stop. The team at Brightz has a full lineup of products to add light and style to items you use for your homegating party. From chair lights, cooler lights, and even cornhole lights they have what you need to add a touch of color and light to your next party.

Learn more and get your own at BRIGHTZ.

Brightz Chair Lights

Helmet State University

Football helmets look great for styling your man cave, or she shed. Having your favorite team’s helmet is great, but getting a fully custom helmet can add a touch of unique style that others are sure to notice.

Get your own custom football helmet at HELMET STATE UNIVERSITY.

Mini Jumbotron

Last, but not least, we have the Mini Jumbotron. I saw this on social media and was immediately wowed. You can actually have a jumbotron in your house! This is the first time I have ever added a product without testing it, but it seems so cool that I wanted to share this out. They custom make these with your favorite team in mind.

Get your own by visiting MINI JUMBOTRON.


There you have it our Top 10 products for this years National Homegating Day. As with all of our top lists, none of these products paid to be on our list. They are simply items that we believe others will enjoy.

Is there something we missed? Let us know your favorite homegating product.

Make sure you tag us @TailgatingChallenge on social media with your homegating pictures.

Written By: Luke Lorick 1/31/23

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