Top Tailgating Products for 2020

It’s that time of year again, tailgating season. Well given that we are in a pandemic and most fans can’t go in stadiums or tailgate this year is different, but the fun can continue. We will still be watching the games and having fun in a safe fashion, so we want to share some of our favorite products that we tested in 2020 that are sure to be crowd pleasers when you are tailgating from home, or as we like to call it HOMEGATING.

All items are new items that were tested since our last Top 10 Product list in 2019. Each year we will have our top 10 with all different and unique products from that year, so if you don’t see one of your favorite products it could be it made the list last year.

  1. Battle Toss: Battle Toss made the list as it is one of the coolest and most interactive games we tested out this year. It combines connect four, cornhole and plinko all in one game.  Check out our video below showing this game in action.  You can get your own by visiting Battle Toss.
  2. Apex Cooler with Top Shelf attachment. This made the list as it can keep ice over 5 days and has an attachable bar to really take your party to the next level. Check out our video below to see this cooler in action and you can get your own by visiting APEX COOLERS
  3. Pint Glass Man. This is a tumbler style koozie for your pint glass. This made the list as it kept our beer 14 times colder than a pint glass alone. Cold beer is always a WIN. Check out the video to see the testing and why this is a must have for any beer drinker. Get yours by visiting CHILLING THE MOST.
  4. Draft Top. In the spirit of enjoying beer this product helps make your can topless. Draft Top chops the top off of your beer can, so you can see and smell your beer. This comes in handy when you don’t have a pint glass. Check out how it works in the video below and get your own by visiting DRAFT TOP
  5. BRUU Robotic Beer Pong. See a trend with beer related items yet? This innovative game takes the classic game of beer pong to the next level by adding motion to the cups. The cups are moving around the table (they won’t fall off) but are you ready for this Challenge? Watch how this game works in the video below and then check out BRUU Robot Beer Pong
  6. Party Belts. There always has to be a champion and now Party Belts ensures you can have a champion for anything! Cornhole champ, grilling champ or in my case TAILGATING champ. They make custom belts that are sure to get the crowd going. You can see the custom belt they made us in the video below and then go check out PARTY BELTS for more information.
  7. Drifter Bluetooth Stereo Grill. We love to listen to music while grilling out. So why has no one ever put speakers in their grill? Well Ukiah Co has done just that and added 2 three inch marine grade speakers that are LOUD to this portable grill. Check out the video to see just how loud and how awesome this grill is. You can visit Ukiah Co to get your own and learn more.
  8. Kijaro 2 in 1 Stadium Seat. This made the list as it makes bleachers super comfortable, but wait there is more. It can then convert into a regular chair, so this fills multiple needs all in one portable chair. Check out our video to see how it works and then visit KIJARO to get your own.
  9. Cooler Light. Now you can always see what is in the cooler at night with this handy light. It’s waterproof, remote controlled, and has various colors that it can cycle through. Never fish through a dark cooler again. Check out the video below and then order one for your cooler HERE
  10. Burger Buddy. Never worry about letting your burgers toppings spill out, or on you again. This handy tool can also keep dirty hands off the burger you are eating. Able to accommodate different sized burgers and was much more amazing that we initially thought. You can see it in action in the video below and then go to BURGER BUDDY to get your own.

That rounds out our list for the top 10 products for this National Tailgating Day and tailgating season here in 2020. We thank you for checking out our top 10 list and want to hear from you if you try any of these items and what you think.

Until next time stay safe and remember our motto “Don’t Hate Just Tailgate”.

*All items selected for this list were done so because we believe in these product and enjoy them. NO company paid us to be on this list.*

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