Halloween Tailgating Tips

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so how do we take Halloween and integrate it into what we love, TAILGATING? Let’s take a look at some of our top Halloween Tailgating Tips.

 1. Use Pumpkins In Your Tailgating Set Up.

Pumpkins come in many shapes and colors, so we recommend to get a mix of different styles to really make your tailgate stand out and bring that fun fall style. Having a balance of pumpkins, whether you have them in your truck bed, or on the corner of your tailgating table is key. If you are decorating a small space use the power of three. Get a small, medium and large pumpkin and place them on the corner of your table. If you can get some of the pumpkins that have irregular shapes or colors, that can take the style to the next level. Even having one pumpkin on the table can make people FEEL the fall time festivities, so don’t overlook a couple of small inexpensive pumpkins when getting your tailgating gear together.

Pumpkins on Tailgate

 2. Get a Tailgating Costume.

Fans go all out each week with fun costumes, regardless of the season, but when Halloween is near you should consider joining in the fun. Go as a creepy version of your teams mascot. Check me out with my South Carolina Gamecocks Cocky headset on below. This is the time to be yourself, so take advantage. Have fun and help celebrate Halloween when you go to the tailgate with a fun costume. We love seeing unique costumes. Tag us on social media with your fun costumes and we will share our favorite ones.

3. Carve a special pumpkin.

This is the one people seem to remember to do the most, but it’s a good reminder that not every pumpkin has to be scary! You can easily carve your favorite college, or pro team into your pumpkin. When you light that pumpkin up it takes your fandom to the next level. When you are picking out your pumpkin remember to get the right size for carving. You don’t want one too big, or too small as it will impact your ability to properly carve the pumpkin. Further when picking your pumpkin out FEEL around the pumpkin for soft spots. A soft spot means that pumpkin is going to start rotting sooner, rather than later. Save yourself the trouble and get the perfect pumpkin.


4. Drink Pumpkin Beer in a Whole New Way

I know, I know, some of you are like we are sick and tired of pumpkin everything. I hear ya, but I do love a couple of pumpkin beers around the Halloween season. Drinking it out of a can wasn’t doing it for me. I decided to make the perfect glass for drinking a pumpkin beer.. A PUMPKIN. Thats right, I hollowed out a pumpkin and then poured the pumpkin beer in the pumpkin. Talk about some pumpkin on pumpkin action. If you’re going to do pumpkin flavor then really DO pumpkin flavor.  Check the video below to learn more.

5. Have fun with some Halloween Food. 

There are tons of fun ideas for creepy Halloween snacks out there, from making eye balls out of olives to ghost cookies, asparagus fingers and more. Be creative, do something different. Do something fun that is a little spooky, but still tastes great. You don’t always have to use ideas that have been used for years. Also, look for fun Halloween food ideas from local businesses. We got to test out the Nightmare Whopper from Burger King last year and it was different. The GREEN BUN was what made me try it. It was said to cause nightmares and while I can’t confirm that I can confirm I love a company that does something fun. Keep those eyes open for fun ideas from your local businesses to national chains.

Above all just have fun this Halloween. These are just a few ideas to help you have a little more fun this Halloween season. We know we only hit on the tip of the iceberg with these tips. If you have some fun tips then please comment below. We love to hear our fans feedback.

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