Top 10 National Homegating Day Products

We had so much fun the last few years with our National Tailgating Day we decided it was time to form the next fun National Day. May we introduce you to National Homegating Day! Let’s face it, as much as we love tailgating we don’t get to make it out to the parking lot each weekend and many times we have people over to watch the game from the comfort of home. Having people over to watch the game at your house is called Homegating! It’s taking the fun of tailgating and moving it into the house. You may have heard of a watch party, but when you add the elements of the tailgate into your watch party you’ve got: HOMEGATING!

After forming National Tailgating Day in 2016 and seeing how this day brought people together we knew that our second passion of Homegating needed it’s own special day too. We went through the process with National Day Archives and were granted permission by the registrar to officially recognize National Homegating Day each January 1st.  We chose this day because of the various major college bowl games, the likely cold weather and the fact that some of us may have celebrated New Years Eve a little too hard. Seems like a great day to not leave the comfort of your home, but still have an awesome Homegating party.

Homegating is not just having friends over and watching the game. It’s bringing in the elements of the tailgate to your home. Think grilling, games, music, great food and more. We researched all year long to find our Top 10 products that we believe will make this years National Homegating Day your best party yet.

Ukiah Tailgater II

We start off with one of the coolest products we came across this year, the Tailgater II from Ukiah. The Tailgater II is a fire pit on steroids. In addition to being a fire pit it also has a built in Bluetooth sound system and a magical button that will make the fire DANCE to the music that is playing!

See our full review HERE and watch the video below.

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Nostalgia Popcorn Maker

Whats better than having warm, buttery popcorn as you recline in your favorite chair and cut the big game on? The only thing better is making it the old fashioned way. The Nostalgia popcorn maker will take you back to an easier time with the nostalgic styling. This popcorn maker can make 40 cups of popcorn, so none of your guests go hungry. With a lit concession stand and great styling this will satisfy your visual and taste senses on National Homegating Day.

Check out the video below to see this popcorn maker in action and then visit Nostalgia Products to get your own popcorn maker.

Newair Fridge

You have to have a fridge for your Homegating drinks. Our regular fridge would become so filled with unique craft beers that it was hard to find a place for our food, until we got the Newair Fridge. The Newair fridge chills down to 37 degrees, has a safety lock (protect those beers) and can hold 126 beers! You can rearrange the racks inside for the perfect set up for your drinks.  You can add your brewery stickers to decorate and personalize the outside of your Newair fridge.

Learn more and get your own by visiting:

newair fridgenewair beer fridge

Gameday Ironworks LIT signs

You need great team decor to show your team spirt while Homegating and our favorite item we found this year is the Gameday Ironworks LIT sign. These signs are made from sturdy metal and have light bulbs that light up your teams mascot’s name. If you’re looking for that centerpiece to show off your fandom this is it!

gameday ironworks

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Dual Ring Daddy 

Whats a good homegating party without some games? One of our favorite table top games is the Dual Ring Daddy the game where you get to go head to head with your opponent to try and get the ring on the hook first. From a one on one matchup to relay races I’ve had a ton of fun with the Dual Ring Daddy this year and think this is a game that you and your Homegating friends will enjoy too.

See our full REVIEW.

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Silipint cups made our Top 10 list because they look great and they won’t break! The Silipint cups are made from silicone and you can drop, kick, crush, even run over them with a truck (we did in the video below) and they pop right back up ready to hold your favorite beverage. From tie dyed, to glow in the dark they have some amazing styles that will help you show off your distinctive style on National Homegating Day!

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Proof Alcohol Ice Cream 

Ice cream is something most everyone can agree is awesome. It’s a comfort food that can really hit the spot on a warm day. What if there was a way to make it better? Proof did just that by adding alcohol to their line up of ice creams. Their ice creams are 14 proof and 7% ABV. They have a rotating selection of 12 flavors that range from pistachio rum, chocolate bourbon, cheesecake moonshine and more. There is now Proof that ice cream can be better!

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Bo Jackson Signature Meats

Bo Jackson did some amazing things on the field and now he’s doing the same on the grill. Did you know that Bo Jackson has a line of gourmet meat products? We found out how much Bo knew about grilling when we tested out Bo’s Burgers and his Pina Colada buns! This combo was so amazing that it had to make our Top 10 list. The flavorful burger combined with the sweetness from the Pina Colada bun was a perfect match. When you fire up the grill this National Homegating Day throw on some of Bo’s Burgers and let us know what you think.

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Pit Boss Tailgater Grill

We just talked about putting some meat on the grill, so now we have to show you the grill that stood out to us to make our Top 10 list for National Homegating Day. The Pit Boss Tailgater grill gets the seal of approval here because it can be used at home for National Homegating Day, but it also gets compact and is the perfect companion for the tailgate. We love things that can serve more than one purpose and this grill ensures you don’t have to buy one grill to take to the tailgates and another for your home. The wood pellet cooking action is sure to bring the flavor you want and you can fit 20 burgers on the cooking surface.

Get your own Pit Boss Tailgater Grill here:

pit boss tailgaterpit boss tailgater

BACtrack Breathalyzer

Finally, we end our Top 10 list with the product that could actually save lives. The BACtrack breathalyzer is the keychain breathalyzer that can help show your guests if they are intoxicated. We’ve had those times where a guest appeared to be intoxicated and we had to fight with them not to drive. Instead of fighting just have them blow into the BACtrack breathalyzer and it will show them their blood alcohol level. Seeing this could bring that moment of clarity where they realize that yes they should use the guest room and crash after a fun day celebrating National Homegating Day.

See our FULL review HERE

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There you have it, our Top 10 list to help you be a Homegating champ this year. We encourage you to celebrate National Homegating Day this year and make sure you tag Tailgating Challenge and use the hashtag: #NationalHomegatingDay

What’s your favorite product in our Top 10 list? Did we leave a product out that you think should have made our list? Comment below to let us know.

Written by: Luke Lorick 12/8/19

*No companies PAID to be on this list. This list came from those products that we truly enjoyed the most this year. We’ve tested hundreds of products and want to share those that could add value not only for your National Homegating Day, but your life. All of our reviews are NON-biased as we aim to bring the truth about the products we test out.


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